Jump City Challenge 2016


What you need to know as an athlete in the Jump City Challenge 2016.




1.     Traffic Regulations...

2.     Directional signage on route...

3.     What signage to follow...

4.     What time to arrive...

5.     What to bring with to registration...

6.     What to do in case of emergency...

7.     What to do you cannot make it up or over an obstacle or challenge...

8.     Electronics...

9.     About the DUAL..

10.   About the Bike Leg...

11.   How does the DUAL work...

12.   Transition area...

13.   No helmet no ride...

14.   TEAM format...

15.   Stairs on the bike route...

16.   T-Shirts...

17.   Water points...

18.   Start times and batch swaps...


Traffic rules:


This is an urban run which makes very little use of roads, we ask that all athletes please stick to the pavements or designated run / cycles routes unless otherwise instructed. We have used all available measures in conjunction with JMPD to ensure your safety while crossing roads, however we do need to ask you to exercise caution when crossing as Taxis are not known to respect safety regulations.


Directional signage on route:


The route is very complex and well marked out in respect of this. Please do not turn off route unless you are instructed by our directional signage or a marshal to do so. Directional signage will always have line of site to the next sign point to help you along the way. Do not ever cross barrier tape.


What signage to follow:-

Yellow boards with black arrows

Fluorescent green and pink arrows on the floor

Follow run and bike routes as directed or indicated by signs


What time must athletes arrive? :


All athletes must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your start batch and head over to the registration desk to collect race numbers. NO BATCH SWAPPING WILL BE PERMITTED!


What do athletes need for registration? :


Please do not worry about printing out your registration, rather save the trees. We have your details already, you just need to ask for your number at registration. If you have ordered a T-shirt they will also be there for you at registration.


What to do in case of emergency? :


Please contact the nearest marshal to you or ask a fellow athlete to do so if you cannot.


What to do if you cannot make it up or over an obstacle or challenge? :


We cannot help you on route, but you can help each other out. So ask a fellow athlete to lend a hand in goodwill, there are plenty of gentlemen on route who will happily prove that chivalry is not dead.




No MP3 or electronic devices to be used, we need to be able to communicate with you.


About the DUAL:


This is a new and exciting category to the Jump City Challenge, we have kept the entry numbers low for obvious safety reasons. But we do need to ask that you read through this entire document clearly ahead of the race.


How does it work? :


The race starts off with the bike leg while the streets are quietest, the route will take you on a 20km route through the city starting with Newtown followed by the Chamber of Mines, back into Newtown, across into Braamfontein where you go into the Civic Gardens around some of the buildings and into Constitution hill before making your way back through Braamfontein to the finish line.


Before you reach the finish line, there will be a mandatory dismount area (you must get off your bike) before entering the transition area. Rack your bike there, then head on into the run leg of the race.


Transition area:


As previously mentioned, you will be required to dismount your bike before entering this zone. There are bike racks for you to store your bike and running shoes.


The transition area will remain closed to public and athletes during the race. Once this is opened you will be able to check your bike out of the transition area. Only athletes can collect their bikes. Stickers will be provided for bikes which correlate with the race number.


Before the race, only athletes will be able to enter the transition area to place their shoes and kit out.


No helmet no ride:


This is non-negotiable.


TEAM format:


If you have opted for this, where one athlete rides and one runs please read through the following:-


The rider will go first, while the rider is on route the runner will remain in a relay bay waiting for their team mates return. The rider will doc their bike in the bike bay, tag in at the timing station and head over to the relay bay where they will be able to transfer a band to the runner, this will be the go signal for the runner. If the runner has not been handed the band from their team mate, they will not be permitted onto route.


About the BIKE leg:


If you have entered the DUAL or the MTB, please be sure to read through the following carefully.


The route and markings:


The first 10km of the bike route will be very similar to the run, but there areas that bikes cannot go. In these cases you will be prompted to go around the challenge by signs before being sent back onto the route. There will be no runners on the route, so you will be fine, but please be cautious there are pedestrians in the area.




The finish line is inside Newtown Junction, DUAL athletes will need to doc their bikes into the transition area while MTB X athletes will continue straight to the finish. Being an urban race, the finish line is narrow so slow down please and be cautious, we have done our best to control traffic flow.


Stairs and challenges on route:


We have tried and tested this route several times and there are several stairs on route, none are too tricky going down. Please be sure to enter all stairs straight, if you turn while on stairs it may end horribly. There are also stairs that you will need to go up, if you cannot manage, simply dismount and portage your bike to the top.




If you registered early and were able to select a t-shirt for yourself or purchased one, you may collect it at the registration point at the start of the race.


Water Points:


There are 2 water points on the 10km leg and one at the finish.

There is 1 water point on the 6km leg.

There is no water point on the bike leg, please carry a water bottle or hydration pack.




Spectators are welcome, there is ample space and hosting facilities available at Newtown Junction. If spectators want to catch a glimpse of the action, we would suggest the following points on route:


 - Constitution hill for the ride

 - FNB Bank City for the ride

 - Newtown Park for the run

 - Mary Fitsgerald Square for the run

 - Chamber of mines for the run

 - Museum Africa for the run


Have fun:


We cannot stress this more, this is about you and the sports that you love in the city. Be kind and be fair to all fellow athletes, respect marshals and JMPD. But most of all be safe, we look forward to seeing you at the finish line.


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